Our Language Arts Teachers

Katelyn Lee explores Language Arts in first period with Ms. Kasababian

Comments from eighth-grade students:

Ms. Kasababian

She has high standards for her students. Students must deliver presentations behind a podium. Engaging in class presentations in front of my peers is a drastic change from last year in Zoom class.  At times, Ms. Kasababian encourages us to teach the class. In her class I’m learning new ways to express myself. 

My vocabulary and grammar skills have expanded immensely ever since being her student. We also play spelling games to become better at this skill. Students must work very hard to earn an A grade in her class. She advises students on their areas of need in a straight-forward way. 

I like the creative writing assignments in class. She gives us a prompt and we are allowed to freely express and develop our writing style. She is my favorite teacher at Garvey and I think that I will remember her in the long run.

Ms. Anderson

She is very good at explaining concepts clearly and I like reading the stories and poems that she assigns. She is a caring teacher and can be very entertaining. She is very concerned about our mental well-being and our work load. 

She reminds me a little of my aunt who makes funny jokes and I feel safe in her class. She makes me laugh with light-hearted jokes. Sometimes she will be giving a detailed lecture and then abruptly stop talking and the room will be silent for what seems a long time, which I find hilarious. When classroom technology is not cooperating she will blame it on the “little green men.”  

I am grateful that she is my teacher.

Ms. Rivera

She is someone I can turn to when I need help. I feel safe in her class. This year I’m having a perfect 10 learning experience in her class. She has instructed me to be organized and she wants the best from her students.

This trimester we are focusing on figurative language, including work with metaphors and similes. We use Quizlet and Quizizz to learn the concepts. She encourages us with class prizes. The weekly root word assignment consists of a set of 10 vocabulary words. Each week students are tested (usually on Wednesdays) on a new set of vocabulary words. Ms. Rivera motivates me to prepare for these exams.

We also complete Common Lit assignments that are very rigorous and we study context clues. For group work, if students cannot find a partner, she will help them join a group. Ms. Rivera is kind and thoughtful. She makes really funny comebacks and has a great sense of humor.

Comments from seventh-grade students:

Mr. Richardson

He tells us stories that are filled with useful information and important messages. Some stories are from his own life while others are about significant events in history like the Holocaust and why it was one of the worst moments of the 20th Century. We read about a variety of stories from Scholastic News. He allows us to choose interesting topics to write about. Mr. Richardson interacts with his students and establishes a respectful trusting learning space – Keith Bach

The classroom environment and atmosphere is also quite enjoyable. The windows near my seat offer a magnificent view of the Garvey campus. Mr. Richardson is a very thoughtful person. He offers guidance during class on challenging assignments. He is very approachable and often sends out emails to students, showing concern about our progress in class. 

Mr. Navarrette

He is a caring teacher who tries his best to help his students become better writers and critical thinkers. He is interested in hearing from every student’s opinion and including them in the conversation. We complete freeform essays following the ACE (Answer Cite Explain) model and write poems in class. He is an amazing teacher who genuinely cares about his students and hopes that they succeed in the future. He does not pressure us to be perfect, but allows us to learn at our own pace. He makes Language Arts relevant to real life and it’s working for me. The skills I learn in LA are ones that I can use when writing for other classes like Social Studies and Science. 

Despite the disagreements we had on certain topics, I believe he is a teacher who helped make school fun and engaging for me.