Roblox is Number One

Alvin Giang

In November, Roblox surpassed Activision Blizzard as the most valuable US gaming company. Shares of Roblox jumped more than 40% on November 9, pushing the market cap beyond $62 billion and ahead of Blizzard ($52B). Roblox went public in March and investors have been optimistic about the platform that allows users to create their own games reports Eddie Makuch of GameSpot.

Among the most popular Roblox games of 2021 are Shindo (a Naruto RPG), Royale High (school simulator – 40k players), Welcome to Bloxburg (roleplay), Brookhaven RP, and Adopt Me! (raising animals). Games with the most active player counts are Murder Mystery 2 (100k players), Arsenal (50k), and Piggy (50k).

The majority of Roblox users are under 18. Perhaps this is why game developers on Roblox receive only 25% of earnings, while 75% of the earnings goes to Roblox, reports Cecilia D’Anastio of Wired. Roblox stated that over 600 game developers on the platform earn over $85,000 a year from their Roblox creations. Game developers should know that they can keep more of their money at other game distributors like Steam (Valve) and GOG where developers retain 70% of game earnings. However, Roblox does have a viewer advantage with over 200 million monthly active users around the world.