A Conversation with Mr. Alarcon

Zeny Tran and Scarlett Tran

Staff writers Zeny Tran and Scarlett Tran sat down with Mr. Alarcon and discussed the return of in person learning at Garvey Intermediate.

Excerpt from the Conversation:

Q: Why did you want to become a teacher? Did you expect to become a principal? 

My number one goal was to help young people which is why I became a teacher. I wanted to make it a fun experience here for everyone and I want everyone to leave Garvey with a positive experience.

Q: How did you feel when you first became the principal?

It was overwhelming but with great staff and students I felt very supported and it made the transition from assistant principal to principal easier.

Q: Did you have any other careers in mind before?

In college, I [studied] politics and I saw myself as someone running for office or helping someone run for office, like a campaign manager. Then I got into teaching and fell in love with it.

I want everyone to leave Garvey with a positive experience”

— Mr. Alarcon