Woolly Sweaters to Keep Warm

Provided by Orvis

Mustang Staff

As the seasons turn and the temperatures in Rosemead drop to 54F, students at Garvey are starting to trade their shorts and tank tops for jeans, hoodies, sweaters, and raincoats. One local outdoor retailer, Orvis, in Pasadena suggests choosing wool over cotton for maximum warmth and style in the wintery months. Wool, which comes from sheep, camels, and other animals, is more expensive than cotton, but this is because wool is one of nature’s best insulators.

Orvis states that wool fibers form tiny air pockets that trap heat and retain body temperature. When it rains, wool dries faster than cotton and instead of absorbing water, wool wicks the moisture, spreading it through the fabric. Wool sweaters at Orvis, REI, Bass Pro Shops, and other outdoor gear stores are now stocked with wool Fair Isle patterns, cardigans, and turtlenecks to stay warm while looking good.