Bubble Crush hits the Spot

Collectible bottles at Bubble Crush: Flying Pig, Cool Bear, and Happy Panda

After school, we took a little trip over to Bubble Crush to get some drinks and after an incredible experience, we decided that Bubble Crush is hands down one of the best boba places to visit if you’re craving a refreshing cool drink. Their menu is a rollercoaster of tastes and flavors, with a wide selection of beverages from milk tea to slushes. They also have fun games to play like Jenga and Uno while you’re waiting for your drinks. Not to mention BC has amazing decorations that create a great vibe and a perfect place for photo opportunities. Moreover, BC offers collectible souvenir bottles that come with all kinds of fun designs. We tried an assortment of drinks and these are our favorites:

Super Red Dragon Fruit (with boba and lychee jelly)

Bubble Crush’s Super Red Dragon Fruit drink is absolutely spectacular! This drink includes dragon fruit, one of my favorite fruits, boba pearls, and lychee jelly. The combination of dragon fruit and boba is already divine but the lychee jelly is the cherry on top. This drink is so heavenly that words can’t describe it. The dragon fruit and lychee jelly create a tropical taste that is complemented by the black boba pearls. This drink has earned the #1 spot on my list of favorite drinks because it takes your tastebuds on vacation.

Austin’s Rating: 5/5

Strawberry Yakult (with mango and lychee jelly) 

This drink was amazing and downright delectable, tasting a bit like a strawberry smoothie. I really like Yakult and was sort of shocked that there were different flavors of the Japanese milk. The mango and lychee jelly add a cool sweet fruit taste to the drink that just lingers in your mouth after each sip. It’s a good fruity mix.

Maggie’s Rating: 5/5

Thai Tea (with black boba)

The combination of Thai tea and boba was not only creamy and refreshing, but the boba pearls really complement the tea. Jacqueline’s rating: 4/5

Classic Milk Tea  (with black boba)

I give props to Bubble Crush for making a classic drink taste so much better. At first I feared the milk tea would be a boring drink but thank God it wasn’t! The milk tea was sweet and the boba was delicious. This drink is on my favorites list and worth trying for milk tea enthusiasts.

Valerie’s Rating: 4.5/5

Strawberry Cheese Foam

In my opinion, Bubble Crush sells the best boba drinks or “bubble tea” in the San Gabriel area. Try the strawberry cheese foam, brown sugar, and jasmine green varieties. According to Bubble Crush’s website, their drinks are freshly made by tea farmers, which explains the luscious taste and quality of the beverages. The boba is both flavorful and chewable. For convenience, you can order drinks through delivery apps, such as Postmates and DoorDash.

Emily Guan’s Rating: 4/5