Cities Increase Funding for Police as Crime Soars

Officer Able Estopin greets Pastor Tyric Cagle in South LA (Provided by StarTribune)

Selina Tang and Mustang Staff

After cutting $15 million from the police bureau’s budget last year, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is now trying to recruit more police officers as crime rises to historic levels in his city. In 2021, there have been over 400 shooting incidents in Portland. In Portland the “defund the police” movement, resulted in the resignation of 54 officers and the retirement of 75 officers. In 2019 there were 4 resignations and 6 retirements, according to NBC KGW8. On November 17, the Portland City Council increased the police budget by $5.2 million. “Many Portlanders no longer feel safe and it is our duty… to take action and deliver better results,” remarked Wheeler.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan plans on using $7.5 million to hire more police officers as crime spikes in her city. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot plans on recruiting more police officers as the murder rate has jumped 60% in Chicago. The Atlanta city council voted to increase the police department budget by 7%. In May, The LA City Council agreed to increase LAPD funding by 3 percent. In 2021 there have been nearly 200 homicides in LA.