Our Town and Peter Pan LIVE

Only shows for Elective Class audience have been confirmed

Peter, Wendy, & Tink are off to Neverland in a promotional poster for the Mustang Theater’s production of Peter Pan (artwork by Maggie Zhang, Jeannette Lee, and Emily Li)

Drama shows for Elective audiences were performed on Thursday (Dec 2) for Periods 2, 3, 4, 5

Lead actors Zoreimy Melgar, Connor Cheung, Fang Fu, Uma Sofia Rizo, Jericho Pagaduan, David Nunez, and Jackson Lam along with the stellar Garvey Players delivered a fun performance filled with emotional scenes and unexpected pratfalls.

12/2 – Drama Shows for Elective Departments
Only students from Mr. Drange, Ms. Dale, Mr. Cardenas, and Ms. Zaidi’s class were invited to attend the drama shows on December 2 due to Covid restrictions. Location: Inside Theater /// Schedule – Periods 2 , 3, 4, 5

Per 2 (G8 – Peter Pan), Per 3 (G8 – Peter Pan) /// Per 4 (G7 – Our Town), Per 5 (G7 – Our Town)

These are the only shows that have been confirmed

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To the Garvey Players of the Mustang Theater Group – from Mr. Cheung, the Dramatic Arts Teacher

Hello Garvey Players,

Thank you for performing some incredible shows today, December 2, in the theater in front of a captive audience. Students and staff told me that you made them laugh and lifted their spirits. That was one of our goals – to bring some joy to our friends and classmates at Garvey. I would like especially to congratulate our lead actors: Zoreimy Melgar, Connor Cheung, Fang Fu, Uma Sofia Rizo, David Nunez, Jericho Pagaduan, and Jackson Lam for delivering brave performances. It was our first recital in front of an audience and it was a challenge to perform after a week off for Thanksgiving. You did just fine under the circumstances.

It takes guts of steel to do something like acting in front of friends and strangers. You did it and I’m very proud of you and you should be proud of each other. Thanks again,

Mr. Cheung