Dining with Austin

Austin Szeto

Garvey gourmand Austin Szeto shares his favorite homemade dishes and selections from local eateries and family travels.

In this photo set: clams, scallops with glass noodles, chicken skewers, mushroom with bacon, sautéed green onions, New York steak with garlic butter, chicken wings, and Hot Cheetos mozzarella sticks, beef tacos.

Hot Cheetos Mozzarella sticks: Place mozzarella cheese sticks in flour, dip them in egg wash. Place back into flour. Dip again into egg wash. Then place into crushed Hot Cheetos (make sure the mozzarella sticks are fully coated with the chips). Fry in corn oil until the mozzarella sticks have a crispy crust and the cheese inside has melted. (Austin Szeto)