Our Physical Education Teachers

Vivian Liu and Keith Bach

Ms. Mancia (Chair)

Due to covid restrictions, we spend a lot of time power walking around the field. Sometimes she will play music during the power walk and also in the fitness lab.  I enjoy exercising with friends in class and playing badminton. Playing basketball and football in class is also very amusing. Ms. Mancia’s homeroom won the intramural trophy for basketball. She’s never raised her voice in class, yet the class is well behaved.I think that she would like Space Jam 2 because she is a Lakers fan. 

Ms. Alvarez

I enjoy exercising in her class. She encourages us to live a healthy lifestyle. She is a good role model for students who want to be physically active. 

Mr. Celis

He is a chill teacher who teaches us how to have a healthier lifestyle through physical exercise. I’m glad to be in his class.

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift”

— Steve Prefontaine

Keith Bach