Enforce the Anti-Camping Ordinance

Provided by ABC 7 – LA

Audrey Tamanaha and Mustang Staff

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti signed a city ordinance to restrict the homeless from camping on sidewalks and public places. Garcetti, who was confirmed by the Senate to become ambassador to India, stated, “We don’t need to choose between keeping our public spaces safe and clean, and connecting Angelenos experiencing homelessness with the services and housing they need. We can and will do both ” (ABC 7 LA).

The anti-camping law bans camping within 500 feet (length of a football field) of schools, parks, libraries, and freeway ramps. In addition, under the new ordinance, homeless people are prohibited from obstructing the public right of way within five feet of a doorway and within a street. Successful enforcement of these ordinances has not been reported.

According to the US Dept of Housing and Urban Development, Los Angeles had over 63,000 homeless people in 2020, behind New York City with 78,000 homeless people. Also on this list were other CA cities and regions: San Jose (9,000), Oakland (8,000), San Francisco (8,000), San Diego (7,000), Orange County (7,000).

If you have visited the urban centers of Los Angeles recently, you will understand the frustration of residents who live near the homeless camps. From Echo Park, to MacArthur Park, to Venice Beach, the homeless situation is awful for the homeless people and the residents who live in the neighborhood. Indeed, the homeless do need medical treatment and housing. However, they should not have their tents and belongings near schools, parks and freeway ramps which endanger the public.