Pres. Youth Fitness Program

Provided by Fitness Foundation

Mustang Staff

In 2014, the mandated Presidential Fitness Test was replaced by the voluntary Pres. Youth Fitness Program. The Obama Administration aimed to prioritize individual health over athletic excellence. In 1956, the Fitness Test consisted of pull ups, sit ups, runs, jumps, and throws. Today’s Fitness Program emphasizes push-ups, curl-ups, squats, running, and flexibility.

Boys at the age of 13 must be able to complete the following activities in 2 minutes time: 24 push-ups, 30 curl-ups, 45 squats. Instead of a mile run time requirement, there is a “pacer test” 15m / laps – 34 for boys and 30 for girls. For girls at the age of 13, the standard level of performance in 2 minutes time is: 20 push-ups, 24 curl-ups, 40 squats.