Columbus Day Parade returns to New York


Columbus Citizens Foundation

Courtesy of Columbus Citizens Foundation

Keith Bach and Mustang Staff

The annual Columbus Day parade returns to New York City on October 11. According to ABC7 NY, 2021 Grand Marshal, Michael Pascucci, will lead the 77th Columbus Day Parade beginning at 11:30 am ET. Over 100 marching groups with bands and floats are set to march down Fifth Avenue from 44th Street to 72nd Street.

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean beginning in 1492. On his first voyage, Columbus departed Palos de la Frontera, Spain with three ships: the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. He and his crew spent five weeks traveling before landing in Guanahani (modern day Bahamas). Columbus named Guanahani, San Salvador (Holy Savior in Spanish).

Columbus Day is a federal holiday, recognized by the US government, which brings the closure of banks and post offices. States and local governments can choose to ignore federal holidays.

In 2019, CA Governor Gavin Newsom declared that California would honor Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the same day as Columbus Day. “Instead of commemorating conquest today, we recognize resilience,” stated Newsom. California joins Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Wisconsin, Washington DC (District of Columbia), and other states in observing Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the same day as Columbus Day. Keith Bach (’23) agrees with Governor’s Newsom’s views on Columbus Day. “The European colonists brought many diseases like small pox and influenza from Europe that killed millions of Native Americans. Moreover, Many Native Americans were killed by the colonists in violent ways,” observed Bach.