Newspaper Advisors (2021-22)

Michael Cheung  (Rm 403)

Hello Garvey, thank you for visiting our school newspaper and I hope that you enjoy the stories, the pictures, and the content created by your friends here on the newspaper staff at Garvey Intermediate. We are here to provide you with informative and entertaining articles, but also to be your voice on campus. Feel free to contact our staff if you would like to share your thoughts in Mustang Media. This is my third year as a teacher at Garvey and I believe that 2021-22 will be an incredible school year now that we are back in person together again. When I’m not reading through newspapers and yearbooks, I enjoy visiting the Huntington Gardens and watching Dodger baseball and classic movies. Let’s try to show some Mustang Pride today 🐎


Mark Valdez (Rm 702)

In addition to being a Newspaper and Yearbook Advisor, Mr. Valdez also serves Garvey Intermediate as the Opportunity Academy teacher. He was the faculty advisor responsible for producing the Garvey Intermediate News video productions during the 2020- 2021 school year.