Science Olympiad Topics Revealed

Mr. Naka

Mustang Staff

An informational meeting for this year’s Science Olympiad was held on October 7, hosted by Lead Science Club Advisor, Mr. Naka, and Ms. Tang-Quick. The meeting was from 2:45pm – 3:30pm. The first competition will be on November 15 against teams from North Carolina. Students can download the SO Manual by clicking on the link below and selecting Division B Rules:


Select Olympiad Project Topics:


A.] Medicine: Anatomy and physiology

Timed Exam – 50 minutes, nervous system, sense, endocrine system

B.] Disease Detectives – epidemiology – COVID

C.] Dynamic Planet – Geology – water source

D.] Food Science –  food content

E.] Ornithology – birds – order classifications

F.] Agriculture – #1 commodity in CA


A.] Engineering Bridge building – balsa wood, glue, and materials

B.] Electric Wright – electric-powered monoplanes

C.] Mission Possible – mouse trap with marbles

D.] Pong Parachute – bottle rockets

E.] Aerial Scramble – project built on site which reduces the chances for cheating.

F.] Code busters – cryptograms


A.] Solar System

B.] Crave the Wave – sound waves and light

C.] Sound of Music – with scales