Notes from the News Editor

Selina Tang, News Editor

Hello students of Garvey,

I’m Selina Tang, the Editor of the News Section and one of the four editors of the newspaper. I would like to see a News Section with topics interesting and fun to read, but still informative and relevant to Garvey students. As the news editor, I want everyone in my section to do their best in creating great content. I hope to see the News Section match the high standard set by the Lifestyle section.

It seems like most readers in middle school head straight for the Lifestyle and Opinion sections, overlooking the “hard news” section. I want to change that and help create a news section that is informative and stimulating. This may be a challenge, but I’m sure that we can overcome this problem together as a team.

This month, our staff will explore National Hispanic Heritage Month, with interviews from Garvey teachers and staff. Also, we will cover the 9/11 twenty year anniversary, and more intriguing news topics. I hope that you will enjoy the amazing content the News Section is working on this October!

November Notes

My section and I have been working hard for the newspaper. And since Thanksgiving break is coming up, this is a great opportunity for the team to get some rest and if they have time, they could take a few pictures of what they doing. Thanksgiving is the time for people to gather up and be thankful for one another. What I am thankful for is my friends, family, and anime :D. I can’t live without all of this and I would be suffering from despair and anxiety more often.

What I would be doing during break is just reading webtoon comics, watch Youtube, and just chat with my friends on Discord. I might be going out with my friends to go somewhere fun, but it’ll depend. After all those tests, I will be having a great time just relaxing at home without having to do work at all. I’m sure that my section and the whole Yearbook class will have an amazing time during Thanksgiving, either going out or staying at home.

Things to look forward after break would be not much. Well for the newspaper of course. We will be focusing more on the yearbook instead of the newspaper. But there will be some content added time to time. All three sections, the editors, and the editor in chief are all looking forward to create a memorable yearbook for you all to enjoy. Hope you all have a thankful and great Thanksgiving break and we’ll be back soon!