TikTok in China vs US

Provided by Digital TV Europe

Catherine Zhu

In China, TikTok is known as Douyin, a popular video-sharing social networking service created by the Chinese company ByteDance. Douyin was first introduced to China in 2016, and branded as TikTok, the following year for markets outside of China.

In China, Douyin gives users more features such as being able to buy products with just 3 taps, book hotels with a few clicks, engage in celebrity interactions, and watch extended videos 15 minutes long. Today as much as ByteDance tries to promote TikTok and Douyin as the same product, they’re still two separate systems.

Douyin might be perceived as TikTok’s test app since through my years of using both apps, I have realized that ByteDance uses Douyin to test out features that will be later released on TikTok. As for the content, I tend to find myself on Douyin more as the videos appear way more polished and professional. The Douyin videos, like YouTube videos, contain closed captions and high quality sound and video effects.

Douyin content creators produce videos that are more entertaining than those on TikTok. Because Douyin creators have signed contracts with big companies and access to more funding, they have professional cinematographers, paid actors, script writers, directors, and editors. I prefer Douyin over TikTok.

According to Wired, this year TikTok added 7 million new US users in four months. In June, President Biden revoked and replaced President Trump’s executive orders that banned TikTok in the US. In April 2022 Reuters reported that TikTok’s ad revenue is likely to reach $11 billion.

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