EDG wins first League of Legends Championship in Iceland

EDward Gaming wins their first LoL Worlds

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Mustang Staff

2020 League of Legends world champion DWG KIA failed to defend their title this year in Iceland. The upstart EDward Gaming from Shanghai, China won their first Worlds title with a 3-2 Grand Final win.

The EDward winning team consisted of Flandre, Scout, Viper, Clearlove, Hope, and Jiejie. They were coached by Maokai. The South Korean DK roster was Khan, Canyon, Malrang, ShowMaker, Ghost, Rahel, and BeryL. They were coached by three-time world champion kKOma.

The favored DK faced numerous LoL contenders before falling to Edward Gaming, including RNG, MAD Lions, and 100 Thieves. According to Isaac McIntyre of Dexerto, tournament games began on October 5 for the play-in stage. DK defeated T1 in the Semifinals on October 30.  EDG defeated Gen.G on October 31. This year’s quarterfinals between DK and MAD Lions attracted over 2M viewers, making it the most watched series of Worlds reports Tyler Esguerra of DOT Esports.