Khan Academy for Math Skills


Courtesy of Khan Academy

Scarlett Tran

Distance learning from home forced students to adapt to learning with technology. One website that became essential for math learning was Khan Academy. In Mr. Habibi’s math class, students are instructed to spend around 30 minutes a day on eighth grade math skills. Course mastery challenges require students to answer six math problems to advance to the next lesson. Students can watch helpful videos to help them learn challenging concepts, not fully grasped in class.

At Mark Keppel and San Gabriel High School, students can use Khan Academy to improve their proficiency in class and also prepare for Advanced Placement (AP) courses and the SAT math section. One satisfied user, Tatiana, stated, “If it wasn’t for Khan Academy, I wouldn’t have access to SAT practice at all.”

In an interview with Margaret Brennan for CBS News, founder Sal Khan stated that the free online learning program Khan Academy can be a valuable tool for students trying to master essential skills in mathematics.  “If kids are able to put in 15-20 minutes a day… beyond what they do in school… not only will they fill in the gaps, but they will probably accelerate well ahead of their peers,” said Khan.

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