Christmas Spirit Week

This year I am more excited for Christmas because we will be at my grandma’s house. My parents will allow me to meet with friends this year. We are going to have an amazing tree and we will cover it with ornaments and decorations. Instead of having a White Elephant gift exchange like last year, this year we are going to do Secret Santa. We plan on driving to a neighborhood where the homes are decorated with pretty Christmas lights.

Christmas Spirit Week (Dec 13-17)

Friday- Christmas photo booth – 4 people together max – $2

Thursday- Door Deco judging @ 2:30p /// Disaster drill during Period 3

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Wednes – wear white for Winter Wonderland theme

Tuesday – ugly/cutie sweater day – wear red or green

Monday – Letter to St. Jude’s hospital – children with cancer

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Take a screenshot once you send your card and email Ms. Ngeth to be entered for the next PBis raffle.

Ms. Ngeth opens a gift from her Secret Santa
Garvey students vs the Grinch (Mr. Navarette’s team)