ASB Activities

Mustang Staff

ASB wants to encourage you to:

– support your friends at lunch during the Garvey Basketball Tournament
– seek help if you experience mental health anxiety
– thank a school custodian for Custodian Appreciation Day

Celebration and Events

Halloween (Oct 31) on Sunday
Dia de los Muertos (Nov 1)  Day of the Dead
Veteran’s Day (Nov 11)
Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep 15 – Oct 15)
Mid-Autumn Festival (Sep 21)

No Dance due to Covid

Red Ribbon Week – dress up themes for each day – 10/25

Movie @ lunch with Ms. Ngeth – Goosebumps on Netflix

Door Decoration begins on ___

Photo booth – $2.00/picture

Costume contest – categories: funniest, creative, scariest – 3 winners total

Friday the 29 dress up

prizes – gift cards Starbucks/ McDonald’s?