A Conversation with our new ASB President Havon Ha


New ASB President, Havon Ha

Samantha Nguyen

Q: What was your first reaction when you officially became ASB President?

Havon: Honestly, I was pretty excited. Before the election process even began, I was trying to decide if I should run for president or vice president, because I wasn’t sure I was going to win.

Q: What are your top priorities as President right now?

Havon: I believe we should start planning for Halloween festivities, fun Spirit Week activities, and host an outdoor dance or party, if COVID regulations will allow for it.

Q: How will Garvey benefit from your leadership as President and what are your central goals? 

As ASB president, I will always put my greatest effort into everything I do, and I’m willing to give my time and energy to being president. I’m determined to make this year as fun and memorable as I can. I want to help make ASB is as efficient as possible, with clear communication between the members of the ASB. Having clear communication is so important in having a smoothly-flowing organization. I really try to push myself, and to achieve my goals. ASB is a great opportunity for me to serve the school, and to improve on the leadership qualities I will need as I get older. I want to be the leader of a strong, collected team of officials.

Outside of serving as president, I want to focus on schoolwork and any activities I’m involved in at school such as Science Club, 21st Century Class, Yearbook, and our newspaper. I want to give the best effort I can in these areas. For fun, I really enjoy listening to music. I find that it helps me calm down and relax, especially after finishing my schoolwork and work for other responsibilities. I’m also a major fangirl. I like artists like Harry Styles, Anne-Marie, and other artists that make pop music.