Notes from the Editor in Chief: September


Annie Huang, Editor in Chief

Greetings Mustangs,

As the Editor in Chief of our school newspaper, I have great hopes about the future of our publication. We have selected Mustang Media as our permanent name for this news site as well as deciding on an official logo for the news site and print edition.

Many well written articles from our staff have been published for viewing and are accessible with a few clicks. Recent articles on Shang Chi, COVID, and The Summer of ’21 are standouts in my opinion.

Even though it’s only the beginning of our newspaper, we are working towards our goal of being a newspaper for every student at Garvey. Whether you’re visiting our site to to be informed about the latest news about school or looking for fun new music for your playlists, our staff reporters are committed to providing something for everyone.

As Editor in Chief, I want to be able serve our entire student body. I have always loved writing and helping others in my own way. Whether it be a human interest feature or a serious news report, I try to excel in all fields of writing and I want to use my talent for good. This is precisely why I wanted to serve as Editor in Chief, to have the opportunity to help us all remember this school year as an unforgettable one.