Notes from the Opinion Editor: Sept

Notes from the Opinion Editor: Sept

Havon Ha, Opinion Editor

Hi everyone!  My name is Havon Ha, and I’m the Opinion Editor for the Garvey Intermediate newspaper. Going into this role, I knew that I had a challenge ahead of me.  I understand that we are a diverse school with many different opinions and we may disagree on many issues of the day.

My main goal as Opinion Editor is to provide a safe space for students with different perspectives to allow their voices to be heard on campus. I want to see an Opinion section, where every student’s voice can be acknowledged and I encourage you to contribute your ideas because we want you to feel that this is your school newspaper.

Coming up, we have opinionated articles about the iPhone 13 vs Samsung S21, the vaccine mandate for children in schools in California, and much more.  From serious topics like the vaccine mandate, to lighthearted topics such as music and movie reviews, this section covers it all, and I hope you all enjoy it.

With that being said, feel free to explore the site and enjoy!