Championship Matches for Basketball full of Surprises

Students confused by removal of top players in the middle of the eighth-grade final

Alex Chen (’22) leaps for a rebound in the Championship match between Dollars and Tamuras

Winning Teams:
Grade 8 – Tamuras (2-1), Dollar Trees (2-1), Castrolls (1-1), Konami (1-1)
Grade 7 – Manciwees (3-0), Zaitians (2-1), Imagine W (1-1), Mambas (1-1)

Thursday (10/21) Exhibition
Exhibition Match – Manciwees defeat Tamuras [9-8]

Coming off a dominating win over the Zaitians, the Manciwees went toe to toe with an older and taller Tamura team. The Tamuras led in rebounds, but they struggled with scoring and defense, allowing the Manciwees to pull ahead late in the game. Henry Liu continued to show great skill as a two way player with solid defense and consistent offense. Eian Nery and Connor Cheung fought hard to avoid a seventh-grade upset, but the seventh-grade ballers would not yield. Nicholas Ruybalid and Kayden Nguyen exhibited tremendous hustle, snatching loose balls, reaching for rebounds, and driving hard to the hole. Playing with heart and with nothing to lose, during eighth-grade lunch, the 7th graders won a contest that will be remembered for a long time.

Jackson Lam

Tuesday (10/19) Final
CHAMPS Match – Manciwees defeat Zaitians [10-5]
for seventh-grade – venue: outdoor court

Game Overview:

Henry Liu and Kayden Nguyen led the Manciwees to a commanding victory over the scrappy Zaitian team. Ms. Mancia’s class learned their lesson from a previous game, when both Liu and Nguyen were removed from the game for an extended period and they nearly lost to Imagine Winning. This time around Liu started the game, while Nguyen was on the bench. Liu and Nguyen took turns dropping dimes and getting buckets.

The Manciwees received great contributions from Jaden Hau, Gabriel Sanchez, and Nicholas Ruybalid. Zaitian center and star Kenji Leos controlled the paint and directed the offense. However, having a much smaller bench meant less recovery time for the winded Leos late in the game. Matthew Hernandez, Davin Hoa, Nathan Nguyen, Grace Chan, and Julie Lu did their best to keep the match competitive. These teams may meet again soon in the next athletic competition: volleyball.

Thursday (10/14) Final
CHAMPIONSHIP Match – Tamuranators defeat Dollar Trees [10-9] 
for eighth-grade – venue: outdoor court

* Top players were removed from the leading team by game officials in the middle of the game so that substitute players could get playing time. Top players from the leading team were not allowed to return to the game after being removed. The leading team lost the game after their top players were removed.

Game Overview:

The Tamuranators were crowned Intramural Champions for eighth-grade in a controversial match that came down to the final seconds. Tamura captain, Eian Nery, celebrated with fellow team mates Connor Cheung and Jonathan Flores on the outdoor court. The opposing Dollar Tree team captain, Tarah Cazun, expressed frustration about the decision by game officials to remove the top players from Dollar Tree in the middle of the game. Dollar Tree starter and star player Alex Chen and captain Cazun were both removed from the game as their team was ahead 7-4. They were not allowed to return to the game for the remainder of the match. They were removed so that the Dollar substitute bench players could get playing time. 

Meanwhile, the starters for the Tamuras continued to play for the rest of the match. For the remainder of the game it was a contest between the Tamura starters versus the Dollar substitute bench players. The Tamura starters outplayed the Dollar bench players and the final score was 10-9 with the Tamuras declared champions.  Tamura starter, Connor Cheung, stated, “I’m happy that we won, but our win seemed undeserved because we did not face their best players.”

Dollar starter Alex Chen expressed frustration and disgust at the decision to remove starters from one team, but not the other. “We were not even allowed to come into the game in the final minutes to try to even the score. How is that even fair?” asked Chen. Players and spectators stated that they would probably not participate in the upcoming volleyball tournament, after witnessing what they viewed as unfair tournament policies.

Tournament Overview
Beginning Monday, October 4, students will represent their Period 1 classes and compete for title of Intramural Basketball Champion. Two separate conferences will play on simultaneously during eighth-grade lunch and seventh-grade lunch. The format is single-elimination with wild card exceptions as determined by Ms. McDonald and Ms. Liza. This means if a team wins, it advances, if the team loses it may be eliminated from the tournament, unless they are placed in the wild card game by officials. Ms. McDonald and Ms. Liza will serve as game officials, while ASB officers will serve as score-keepers. The first team to score 11 points or more points than their opponent when time expires will win the game. All baskets will count as 1 point. Fouls will be called by the players themselves based on the honor system. Each team must have one female player or they will only be allowed three players. Tournament champions will win a champions t-shirt, a champion’s trophy, and treats for champions.

SCHEDULE of games
Friday (10/15):
seventh-grade: Zaitians vs Mambas

Thursday (10/14): seventh-grade: Manciwees vs Imagine W

Friday (10/8): eighth-grade:  Castrolls vs Tamuras, seventh-grade: no games played

Thursday (10/7): eighth-grade: Dollar Trees vs Konami, seventh-grade: Travis Scott vs Mamba (9-5)

Tuesday (10/5): eighth- grade: Cheetos vs Castrolls (8-1) on Court A, seventh-grade: Zaitians vs Throwers – Court A – controversy with scoring problem; Stop Cap vs Mambas – Court B – Stop Cap team did not have a full team

Monday (10/4): for eighth-grade lunch (11:17 am – 12:01 pm): Dollar Trees (12-9) vs Tamuranators on Court A /// Kasabarbarians vs Konami (5-4) on Court B/// for seventh-grade lunch (12:05 pm – 12:49 pm): Manciwees vs Airballerz on Court A /// Imagine Win vs Subdoers on Court B.

*winning teams are in BLUE font

Rosters for Top Teams
Tamuranators: Eian Nery, Connor Cheung, Jon Flores, Orlin Flores, Logan Pinon, Simon Su, Susana Qui+ /// Dollar Trees: Tarah Cazun, Alex Chen, Nathan Noyola, Denise Huynh+ /// Castrolls: Cameron Amey, George Suarez, Andrew Garcia, Zoreimy Melgar +/// Konami: Kai Xie, Fanghan Fu, Xihua Chen, Scarlett Tran+

Manciwees: Henry Liu, Kayden Nguyen, Jaden Hau, Nicholas Ruybalid, Gabriel Sanchez, Max Trinh, Kaitlyn Phan+ /// Zaitians: Kenji Leos, Davin Hoa, Nathan Nguyen, Grace Chan+ /// Imagine Wins: Hongze Liu, Jacob Mascota, Matthew Rivas, Angela Nguyen +

More information available in attachments