Our Social Studies Teachers

Comments from students at Garvey:

Mr. Huerta

He is an organized teacher who reviews the previous day’s lesson and shares a short video on the current lesson. He lectures on the unit materials and gives students class time to complete assignments. Class projects are explained and completed piece by piece, in a very structured and organized manner. Every day students must complete one classwork assignment and one homework assignment. My favorite extended assignment was the Colonies Flipbook. I researched the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies and designed a flipbook in a fun way. 

I enjoyed the ABCs of the American Revolution and making a website for the class. Many of the quizzes in his class are short answer instead of multiple choice. At times we will watch Liberty Kids for information about the unit lesson. He is a speedy grader and often returns classwork the very same week that it is assigned.

Mr. Huerta mentors my History Day team and gives us candid advice on how we can produce a better final project.  

Mr. Huerta is passionate about sports and is a fan of the Las Vegas Raiders and often shares stories of his day playing on the football team. He banters with students. In one instance a student exclaimed, “my laptop is dead!” He replied, “may it rest in peace.” 

Ms. Ngeth

Her class is always fun and I look forward to being in her class every day. My favorite activity has been the journal project. I also enjoyed writing a poem about South Carolina and a journal entry set during the Lewis and Clark unit. I enjoyed the Oregon Trail activity where students role played as the drive and to fight for survival on the unpredictable trail.On “ketchup and mustard” days we have the entire class to complete assignments. 

We have fun warm up activities like answering trivia questions or “would you rather” questions. She allows students to doodle on class notes, to help them learn concepts. 


Ms. Upathumpa (Chair)

She is my favorite teacher at Garvey because she is very energetic and outgoing. Due to covid restrictions, we are completing more individual assignments rather than group projects. This trimester we are using soap to carve Chinese characters. We also delivered presentations about Islamic achievements. We complete word searches to prepare for unit tests.

I like working on Canva projects and participating in the Quiz Show game. We also watched historical documentaries about various topics from class. She gives informative lectures about the unit. She makes in person learning better because her lessons are engaging and fun. We compete in class competitions and can earn prizes for winning contests. Her class is well behaved.

I believe that she would like the movie Dora the Explorer because she like travelling and learning about different cultures. She might also enjoy Garfield, because she loves cats.

Ms. Zaidi

She supports her students and cares about their progress in her class. She encourages students to do their best and is available to help students who need help. This trimester we researched the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and learned about his important contributions to the Civil Rights Movement.