Our Science Teachers

Comments from the students at Garvey:

Mr. Naka

He is by far my favorite teacher at Garvey. He is very engaging and gives us a reasonable amount of homework. The numerous class projects make Science an interactive learning experience. Mr. Naka has a disciplined group of students who behave properly, but he also gives us space to be ourselves. He is very funny and encourages group collaboration. His class is a perfect 10 for me – Audrey Tamanaha

He is a teacher who never gives up and he encourages all of his students to never give up trying to earn top grades at Garvey. The class is filled with hands-on projects that stimulate active learning. During the first trimester, we focused on the Earth’s formation and genetics. We analyzed protists and forestry through microscopes. We also dissected owl pellets. 

For second trimester, we studied speed and gravity and made balloon cars and bottle rockets, demonstrating acceleration, speed, and velocity. 

Mr. Castroll

He treats all students with warmth and ensures that students grasp class concepts before moving on to the next unit. We take Cornell Notes and he creates slideshows that prepare us for exams. One of my favorite activities was the fairytale graphing project. We selected a fairytale, like Snow White, and graphed the characters’ movement. We were able to work with students from other periods. 

I enjoyed learning about fossils exploring the various parts and functions of fossils. He has rigorous homework assignments, but is always available for guidance on class work. He often roams around the room to ensure that all students understand the concepts. 

We have a lot of fun in class, but we also meet our class learning objectives. Mr. Castroll has a great sense of humor and he is active on social media.

Ms. Tang-Quick

She takes time to make sure we have the best learning experience in Science. I enjoy participating in class experiments and activities such as the seaweed and jelly worm activity. Escape Rooms is another fun activity that helps us learn in an interactive way. Winners of Kahoots games can earn prizes. We watch MythBusters to learn about class concepts. I like how our homeroom comes together to work on Spirit Week competitions like the door decoration contest. 

She is very courteous and polite and sends out a good vibe in class. She never loses her temper with the class, but students are always well behaved. I believe that she would be a big fan of Bill Nye the Science Guy. 

Ms. McClure

She is my favorite teacher at Garvey. She assigns 3-4 assignments a week and we take notes in her class to learn unit concepts. We can earn prizes for winning class competition activities. She is very patient with English learners. Her energetic approach to class is infectious and creates a more cheerful learning atmosphere. I believe that she would enjoy the Zootopia movie because she is interested in different animals.

From left: Mr. Castroll, Ms. Ngeth (Social Studies), Ms. McClure, Mr. Naka, Ms. Tang-Quick