Boba at Sunright Tea Studio

Fiona Wang

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Provided by Byron B (Yelp) 8.22.21

During balmy days in California a cup of cool refreshment could save the day. For a lot of people like me, boba tea is something that we can’t live without. One popular local boba cafe is Sunright Tea Studio, across the street from Gabrielino High School in San Gabriel.  Sunright is well known locally for its high-quality ingredients and precise production process. They take tea seriously and they use a variety of different teas including Ceylon black tea, jasmine green tea, roasted oolong, and a special oolong varietal called Four Seasons.

All the tea leaves being used are gathered from mountain top farms where the plants soak in the sun and absorb the nourishment of the rain, which later is carefully picked and processed by the master farmers.

Besides being a fantastic boba cafe, Sunright is also a great hangout destination where you can share time with friends and family. My go-to drink here is probably taro milk tea and grapefruit jasmine tea. At Sunright they have a system called “Shake 17 Times” which is how customers can fully appreciate the perfectly blended flavor and texture of the beverage.

The Top 5 Favorite Drinks:

1. Sunright Boba Milk Tea
2. Sunright Fruit Tea
3. Oreo Brulee Boba Milk Tea
4. Taro Milk Tea
5. Grapefruit Jasmine Tea

Sunright Tea Boba