Activities in AVID

Grace Chan and Scarlett Tran

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) class designed a personality crest in Ms. Zaidi’s class to show their values and interests. Julie Lu (‘23) designed a crest with symbols representing her love for learning as well as her interest in music, basketball, and roller skating. Julie is a competitive person who strives to always do her best. Another symbol on the crest shows students collaborating together on a class project. Julie thrives on group work and enjoys the exchange of ideas when it comes to accomplishing a shared goal.

On the crest are positive words that describe her including: loyal, calm, and joyful. However, she also wrote down “stubborn” because she acknowledges that she is not always open to the advice and suggestions of others. Julie and other AVID students have created a Google Site where they keep their school assignments organized. AVID students have researched various prospective colleges suited to their talents and interests that they would like to attend after high school.