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The World of Genshin Impact

November 5, 2021

Genshin Impact is a mobile and PC game. It is an open-world story game where you are the main character. There are two main characters you can select: Lumine or Aether. They are siblings, and the goal in the game is to go through all of the nations to gain knowledge about the surroundings, meet new characters, and eventually find your lost sibling.

In the beginning, a cutscene happens where an “Unknown God” is battling you and your sibling, and you have to pick which sibling you will save and become and sacrifice the other.

For the open-world gameplay, you can control one character, but you have a party of 4. Every character in-game has elements: Pyro, Dendro, Cryo, Electro, Hydro, and Anemo. You can obtain characters from events that give them for free, or use the wishing system.

There are three types of levels for characters/weapons. 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star. Your characters gain strength from leveling up talents, weapons, and artifacts. Artifacts are important; they’re the main thing needed to boost up your damage and power. You get leveling up materials by fighting bosses, domains, and exploring. In addition, there is an ability to co-op; you need to get your friends UID and be Adventure Rank 16 to unlock this feature.

Why this Game is Fun
Since the map is so big, there are definitely many places people haven’t explored completely. This gives us time to enjoy beautiful sceneries and admire the game graphics. Genshin isn’t just about leveling up characters; it’s much more than that. The Genshin community has a bunch of people who share the same interests and are always available to join your world and play with you. There’s always new events coming out and things you can do that don’t require you killing mobs and grinding materials. For example, the hide-and-seek event, fishing, and hangouts.

Problems with the Game
For one, the game requires a lot of storage and data. It’s very normal to lag out of the game and lose connection due to the immense size of this virtual world. There are about 7 main regions in the game, and we so far have 3 unlocked. Therefore, the game will continue to get laggier as updates come.

Adding onto this, the game is very time-consuming. It takes a while to farm items you need to level up, and some story quests can take an hour long. Plus, the main way you get rewards from killing bosses is using stamina, and stamina takes almost a full day to recharge completely.

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