The New and Improved Brandy Melville

Social Media influencer, Lily Chee, with 1.6M followers on Instagram poses for Brandy Melville (Provided by Lily Chee)

Audrey Tamanaha

Brandy has been seen as a very controversial retailer because of their perceived tendency to hire predominantly White girls who are blonde and thin to serve as models and employees. This has angered many consumers and some shoppers have even decided to boycott the store. Although I think that their clothes and fashions are very appealing, I don’t agree with their hiring practices. However, the last time I visited a Brandy, I was pleasantly surprised to see it full of POC employees and models. This came as quite a relief, considering that Brandy has been one of my favorite stores. Their outfits fit me perfectly and everything is usually super cute, versatile, and unique.

Consider fall collection favorites:  Agatha denim jeans ($40), cozy Anne wool sweater ($35), and the Christy hoodie ($42).