Meet Ms. Mak

Preston Chen and Ashleen Chen

ELD teacher Ms. Mak is one of the hardest working teachers at Garvey Intermediate School. She is often one of the first staff members to arrive to school and one of the last to leave. She responded to several questions from news reporters Preston Chen and Ashleen Chen regarding her views of Garvey Intermediate and her journey as a teacher.

Ms. Mak believes that Garvey is a great school because of the caring staff members who work here. She stated that Mr. Alarcon and Ms. McDonald are doing a great job keeping Garvey a safe learning environment. Science teacher Mr. Castroll has learned new languages to communicate with the parents of students who may struggle with English. School counselor Ms. Venegas is someone students can always turn to for advice and guidance. Ms. Mak does her best to help her students reach their goals. Some students are seeking reclassification to exit the EL program. Others hope to earn top grades in class. Ms. Mak supports students during after school tutoring for those who need additional help on their studies.

She is inspired by her sixth grade teacher Mr. Jung who showed that learning can be fun. He was a teacher who always stood up for his students. Ms. Mak’s master teacher, Ms. Wu, is another mentor who taught her that a teacher’s first goal should be to “understand your students” and that student learning is secondary. Ms. Mak wants to continue to encourage her students to participate in school activities like clubs, intramurals, and art contests. She noted that her class is filled with talented individuals, but often they lack confidence because they are still learning English.

In her free time, Ms. Mak enjoys gardening which relieves the burdens of a stressful week.

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