Alliance of Science (21-22)

Sea Perch Champions for Technical Design: Zoreimy, Amaris, Scarlett, April, Mr. Naka

Mr. Naka

Linda Xie

The Alliance of Science Club at Garvey is a fun and enriching class for all students of varying science levels. Here, students will learn more about science through after school demonstrations from other peers and watch science movies and documentaries. Not to mention, students will have a chance to enjoy engaging activities such as field trips, fundraising, and social events. Some of these events include a Griffith Park Field Trip and an epic end of the year pot luck. Students will also be diving into the world of science competitions with events such as the Science Field Day at Mark Keppel High School and the Los Angeles County Science Olympiad.

On October 8th, 2021 one of the first meetings of the Alliance of Science Club was held in Room 401, the science lab. On this day, members were given an overview of the club rules that are to be followed. Club advisors discussed exciting upcoming events and competitions and Garvey’s aspirations at the California state competition at the end of the year.

The most important matter from this meeting was selecting our executives for our club. The executives of our club are in charge of directing the meetings and aiding the club and students throughout the year. The positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

By vote, here are the executive members:

  • President: Kevin Torres

  • Vice President: Havon Ha

  • Secretary: Catherine Zhu

  • Treasurer: Mystica Martin

To conclude one of the first meetings, club advisors Mr. Naka, Ms. Tang-Quick, and Mr. Castroll demonstrated the incredible carbon snake. Please contact Mr. Naka if you would like to join the Science Club.