Volleyball in December

Aiden Sau

Jessica Li and Aiden Sau

Schedule and Standings for Volleyball Tourney at Lunch

Drange (3-0), Cardenas (2-1), Alvarez A (2-1)

Grade 8

11/29 – Cardenas vs Kasabab, Alvarez B vs Naka

11/28- Drange vs Delete Cardenas, Miami Alvarez A vs Huerta

11/18 – Kasabar vs Alvarez A , Huerta vs Alvarez B

11/17 – Miami Alvarez A vs Miami Alvarez B, Drange vs Huerta

11/15 – Kasbarbarian vs Power Drangers, Delete Cardenas vs Bump Naka

11/14 –  Bump Naka vs Miami Alvarez A, Huerta vs Delete Cardenas

Grade 7

11/28 – Two Hund U vs Plat Tang, Ohio Avila vs Ace Richards

11/18 – Ohio Avila vs Zaiders, Ace Richards vs Sparrow Mancia

11/17 – Sparrows Mancia vs Zaiders, Ace Richards vs Platinum Tang

11/15 – Zaiders vs Platinum Tang, Ohio Avila vs Two Hund U

11/14 – Ace Richardson vs Two Hund U, Sparrow Mancia vs Ohio Avila