It Takes Two

Matthew Phan and Haoyang Guan

It Takes Two is a video game that can be downloaded on Steam for $40. It is a game that can only be played by two players and both players do not need to own the game to play. One player can own it, and the other can download the friend’s pass to play with anyone who owns it. The game can be played on PlayStation, Xbox, or Microsoft Windows, and it is also cross-platform. Since this game has an intense amount of graphics, it is launched using a special software called Origin. It Takes Two is mostly an adventure game and it has an interesting storyline about a married couple who were planning to divorce. It is also a puzzle game in which each stage can be solved by the two players working together.

The game has seven chapters and each of those chapters brings the players different tools and abilities to be able to solve the puzzles on that chapter. There are also special mini-games that are optional to play and are found in any random parts of the game. Because the two players need to work together, the display of the game is showed by both of the player’s screens side by side. There is no goal of the game because you can go to any chapter at any time, however the experience of the game is better if you start from chapter one and make your way to chapter seven. This helps keep the storyline going and you can understand the game better. Overall, It Takes Two is a fun video game with an adventurous storyline that keeps the game going.

Haoyang and Matthew have recently started playing the game and so far it is a fun experience to solve challenging puzzles

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